Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Twitaceous Era 12: Quite traumatising to watch

This week on my Twitter feed, much is made of the evils of flirtation.

Charlie Cox is Daredevil? Gingers just can't catch a break, even in a role specifically written for them.
10:44 AM - 28 May 2014

"his oversized nipples jut" #bloghitsoftheweek To be fair that does sound like something I'd write.
2:36 PM - 28 May 2014

I think one of the hot boys might have been flirting with me this morning. Obviously I've been nervously avoiding eye contact ever since.
4:33 PM - 28 May 2014

Big day seat queues already at the Old Vic for Dame Kev Stands In A Circle And Says Stuff.
9:32 AM - 29 May 2014

Watched In Your Eyes. A plot that requires Michael Stahl-David to fondle himself deserves any number of biscuits.
12:55 PM - 29 May 2014

Theatrical Spot: Hytner walking past the Duchess (but not going in.)
6:58 PM - 29 May 2014

There's been a bunch of cute techies going in and out of the Duchess Stage Door, I hope our Kathleen's not too distracted to do The Acting.
7:10 PM - 29 May 2014

@Weez so it turns out Joe Dempsie could get it even in cartoon form. Useful to know.
11:54 PM - 29 May 2014

If August's theatre stays as quiet as it looks now, I may go see Alexandra BURKE getting Bodyguarded.I hope they serve Lilt in the interval.
10:15 AM - 30 May 2014

So Moone Boy is basically a marginally less camp, more Irish version of Beautiful People <3
5:35 PM - 30 May 2014

They're both about equally Enya-fixated on balance.
5:36 PM - 30 May 2014

Julie Andrews is at Hammersmith Apollo tonight. If you're nearby don't turn Grindr on, it might explode.
6:52 PM - 30 May 2014

"Hamlet contains nudity and bad language." Oh I dunno, the bit about being or not being is quite good.
7:03 PM - 30 May 2014

Sleb Spot: ALLAM, BITCHES! At Riverside Studios.
7:12 PM - 30 May 2014

I think that production of Hamlet technically made a liar of Tom Stoppard #HamletHMP #R&Garealiveinnit
10:49 PM - 30 May 2014

@nick00031 Schrödinger's Guildenstern.
10:52 PM - 30 May 2014

Oh little American barman, if you were any gayer you'd ACTUALLY float away.
6:47 PM - 31 May 2014

Glad I don't often feel this way about theatre but YAY SOON IT'LL ALL BE OVER! Maybe we can pretend it never happened! #inthevaleofzzzzz
7:09 PM - 31 May 2014

@nathanaelkent I've seen them spread out over a month, and am only here again out of dogged determination to finish the damn thing.
7:18 PM - 31 May 2014

@nathanaelkent apparently marathoners have been calling lines back at the cast cause the scripts are so similar they've memorised them.
7:27 PM - 31 May 2014

You know in Airplane when the camera pans to an old lady who's killed herself from boredom? That's me, that is #intervaltweets
8:43 PM - 31 May 2014

EVE BEST EVE BEST #intervaltweets (also, Pompey, rawr.)
2:30 PM - 1 Jun 2014

4:56 PM - 1 Jun 2014

"Everybody remembers it how they need to." The new Jersey Boys strapline makes it sound quite traumatising to watch.
8:54 AM - 2 Jun 2014

"Theatre highlights of the week: Blythe Spirit closes." A bit harsh, whatsonstage.
11:17 AM - 2 Jun 2014

You can count on Rachel De-lahay: "Running time is 70 minutes with no interval."
7:14 PM - 2 Jun 2014

"Things have changed since I showed you around at the boarding school where we both went." THANK YOU BASIL EXPOSITION! #reveeeeeeenge
10:35 AM - 3 Jun 2014

So I think that possible flirting last week wasn't flirting, 'cause I smiled back at him the other day and now he won't look at me.
2:47 PM - 3 Jun 2014

Flirting is weird. How do people it happens to more than once a decade cope?
2:48 PM - 3 Jun 2014

That's why perving on actors on stage is better than dealing with actual humans in person.
2:48 PM - 3 Jun 2014

"Pornography has no interval." I know right, it's RELENTLESS!
7:23 PM - 3 Jun 2014

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