Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Twitaceous Era 15: Beautiful yet ruggedly windswept

This week on my Twitter feed, I have some very well thought-out opinions on The Football.

The canteen's doing a different World Cup nation theme every day. Today's lunch confirmed why Australia isn't known for its cuisine.
2:48 PM - 18 Jun 2014

Karl Davies is so watchable. Even when he's wearing clothes.
10:07 PM - 18 Jun 2014

Between Lindsay Lohan and True Blood: The Musical, I assume I just wasn't informed it was Insane Theatre Rumour Week.
3:06 PM - 19 Jun 2014

Obviously I'm now imagining "Unworthy Of Your Love" with "Charlie" and "Jodie" replaced with "Beell" and "Sookeh" #truebloodmusical
3:08 PM - 19 Jun 2014

There was a man on the tube so beautiful yet ruggedly windswept he should have had his own action movie franchise.
6:26 PM - 19 Jun 2014

The "windswept" part was 'cause he was standing by the window as the train was moving, but still.
6:27 PM - 19 Jun 2014

Jesus, the Royal Court's hotter than a blacksmith's crotch.
7:30 PM - 19 Jun 2014

Silver lining: England usually takes 3 or 4 matches to go out in the kicky bally. Increased efficiency should be applauded #thefootball
10:17 PM - 19 Jun 2014

Tamsin Greig! Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown! I think we've found 2015's Show Of The Year.
10:25 AM - 20 Jun 2014

@emslj on which note, not as good as the Friends one but:
2:57 PM - 20 Jun 2014

Waitrose have "improved" their steak wrap by adding tomatoes to it. Is nowhere safe from the leathery, slimy, pip-filled bastards?
7:29 PM - 20 Jun 2014

Improvised a toothpick by flattening a drinking straw and now I think I might be MacGyver.
7:41 PM - 20 Jun 2014

Poor Brienne, always falling for men who prefer something else. e.g. cock, or their own relatives. #GoT
8:41 PM - 22 Jun 2014

Vanessa from In The Heights is basically Norm from Cheers, everyone shouting her name whenever she comes into the room.
9:29 AM - 24 Jun 2014

If a Belarus Free Theatre show doesn't feature nudity or food wastage, is it really a Belarus Free Theatre show? #zen
7:23 PM - 24 Jun 2014

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