Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Twitaceous Era 14: "lesbians on mechanical bulls"

This week on my Twitter feed, I'm terribly judgmental about Dame Kevin Spacey's pronunciation.

Inventiveness is good, but there's really too much going on here #intervaltweets
9:16 PM - 11 Jun 2014

Aw, cute couple thumb-wrestling on train platform. KILL THEM WITH FIRE! (There is a chance I'm in a bit of a mood.)
9:10 AM - 12 Jun 2014

The canteen's gone Brazilian-themed today for the World Cup. All the food's served in a strip in the middle of the plate #bra
1:10 PM - 12 Jun 2014

I think I'd have enjoyed Friends a lot more if these episodes were real: … via @clickhole
4:29 PM - 12 Jun 2014

Having A LOT of trouble not laughing out loud in the office at "The One Where Ross Has To Choose Whether Rachel Or Monica Dies."
4:30 PM - 12 Jun 2014

Glad I knew in advance the baddie from In The Flesh was in this. If she'd taken me by surprise I might have booed & hissed #intervaltweets
9:27 PM - 13 Jun 2014

"80 minutes without interval." Particularly welcome after a week when intervals have been in abundance.
2:44 PM - 14 Jun 2014

Whenever anyone says "you must see this, it's your sort of show" I invariably leave it baffled as to why they thought so.
4:38 PM - 14 Jun 2014

Theatre review: Zanna, Don't! … (@LandorTheatre @zannalondon)
10:53 AM - 16 Jun 2014

If you can't be arsed reading my Zanna review, the line "a song about lesbians on mechanical bulls" probably tells you all you need to know.
11:15 AM - 16 Jun 2014

Glad my interval sandwich isn't ham, there's enough of that on stage #intervaltweets
8:39 PM - 16 Jun 2014

Unendurable Slog.
10:29 PM - 16 Jun 2014

@merrychrissmyth I've got my first trip in two years to the Open Air Theatre tomorrow. So yeah, it'll piss down.
10:49 AM - 17 Jun 2014

@merrychrissmyth that would be more than enough to get the performance cancelled. The Open Air Theatre doesn't really cater for Weather.
11:08 AM - 17 Jun 2014

House of Cards is very good, but Kev pronounces "whip" like Stewie Griffin, and it's distracting. #Hwip
11:57 AM - 17 Jun 2014

He's even started doing it in words without an H in them. "You Hwill do Hwat I Hwant you to." #damekev
11:58 AM - 17 Jun 2014

It's nice when someone from a show I slagged off follows me on Twitter, it shows a sense of humour. That, or they want to stalk & kill me.
7:24 PM - 17 Jun 2014

So... It's Troilus and Cressida without Troilus. Or Cressida. #intervaltweets
8:54 PM - 17 Jun 2014

Theatrical Spot: Luke Norris continues to stalk me. He and his comedy flat-cap are being groundlings.
8:58 PM - 17 Jun 2014

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