Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 3: "Look who's Jewish!"

This week on my Twitter feed you won't find any April Fool tweets because I'm, like, above that sort of thing.

It took nearly 24 hours but I got my Streetcar Named Scully tickets. It had better be LITERALLY PERFECT after that farrago.
8:00 AM - 26 Mar 2014

Theatrical Spot: Felix Scott at the Old Vic. Also a Slitheen whose name I don't know.
8:54 PM - 26 Mar 2014

Also an usher warning a crisp-eater to finish before the show started. No, really, an usher somewhere did her job, I saw it happen.
8:56 PM - 26 Mar 2014

I have a feeling this is being performed at about 1/3 the intended pace #intervaltweets
9:01 PM - 26 Mar 2014

Girl on bus is worried that Disney's Star Wars films won't be as good as "the first six" so her argument is invalid.
10:14 PM - 26 Mar 2014

Hugh Skinner can offer me his apple tart any time he likes #W1A
1:08 PM - 27 Mar 2014

Ah, looks like I might catch all the In The Vale of Renly plays after all!
4:12 PM - 27 Mar 2014

This makes #reveeeeenge look naturalistic and subtle #intervaltweets
8:43 PM - 27 Mar 2014

Theatre review: Fatal Attraction
11:48 AM - 28 Mar 2014

If you enjoy my reviews of less-than-stellar shows, you might want to have a look at that one.
11:52 AM - 28 Mar 2014

This could end up being one of the dodgiest things I've ever seen. With any luck. #dwarves
7:09 PM - 28 Mar 2014

As usual, Harry Judd's pants in Attitude are so tight the photoshoot should be titled "Look who's Jewish!"
12:55 PM - 29 Mar 2014

Happy YOUR MUM Day to @givesyouHel
1:43 PM - 30 Mar 2014

I got recognised by a blog reader at the theatre today. Fortunately not one of the ones that want me dead.
4:25 PM - 30 Mar 2014

OK, I now have tickets to a complete set of Simon Gray plays I'm likely to be bored shitless by. Wonder what made me do that? #renly
10:20 AM - 1 Apr 2014

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