Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Twitaceous Era 2: A terrifyingly powerful farter

This week on my Twitter feed, booking tickets for A Streetcar Named Desire is a baffling ordeal.

Good People's "society's poorest playing Bingo in desperate hope of some extra cash" storyline is looking well timely right now.
9:25 PM - 19 Mar 2014

Theatrical Spot: #heppletattoo in Soho.
6:51 PM - 20 Mar 2014

Glad to see Southwark Playhouse ditching the 8pm start times but interested to see how they'll coordinate opening both venues simultaneously
6:51 PM - 21 Mar 2014

An article in the paper about a stolen Rembrandt being recovered feels topical since I just finished The Goldfinch.
7:00 PM - 21 Mar 2014

Ray Cooney's a lot less dead than I thought. His work, on the other hand... #intervaltweets
9:14 PM - 21 Mar 2014

Fop Spot: Russell Brand. Why yes I AM in Shoreditch, how did you know?
1:38 PM - 23 Mar 2014

The bum of his leather trousers was almost worn through so I can only conclude Russell Brand is a terrifyingly powerful farter.
1:40 PM - 23 Mar 2014

Creepy graffiti
5:40 PM - 23 Mar 2014

Last week: "MAJOR BRAIN-MELTING TRAUMA!" This week: "All better now!" #reveeeeeenge
10:23 AM - 25 Mar 2014

All right Young Vic website, you've had your fun. Stop crashing my laptop and give me my Streetcar Named Scully tickets.
12:49 PM - 25 Mar 2014

@itwillnothappen it's twice got me as far as choosing seats then gone "LOL, no."
12:52 PM - 25 Mar 2014

SEVEN HOURS later and still no Streetcar tickets makes @youngvictheatre officially the worst theatre website imaginable.
5:38 PM - 25 Mar 2014

Still, how could @youngvictheatre have known that teasing a project for SIX MONTHS might create a certain amount of demand?
5:38 PM - 25 Mar 2014

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