Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Twitaceous Era 6: In their pants

Here's some stuff I rambled on about this week on my Twitter feed:

If there's a better song to start the day with than the Cagney and Lacey theme music then my name's Mary Beth.
9:47 AM - 16 Apr 2014

Did someone say something about the pot calling the kettle a twat? #robertlindsay
12:31 AM - 17 Apr 2014

If Seth Numrich is thinking of becoming a London stage regular this is a move I can very much get behind.
1:46 PM - 17 Apr 2014

If #reveeeeenge does any more surprise!family revelations, everyone will turn out to be their own nan.
1:03 PM - 18 Apr 2014

LondonLive's showing Over There tomorrow. Not that anyone on my timeline will want to watch the Treadaway twins in their pants.
2:06 PM - 18 Apr 2014

It's hard to concentrate on a play when the playwright is (a) very attractive and (b) sitting in your eyeline.
10:51 PM - 18 Apr 2014

You know an actor's bio is a bit short of credits when it mentions he was Head Boy.
5:56 PM - 20 Apr 2014

Yeah, yeah, The Kinks, music, Rock and/or Roll, whatever. Bring on the Tighe! #priorities
7:02 PM - 21 Apr 2014

ATTENTION: Tighe wears a cop uniform again (briefly) #sunnyafternoon
10:28 PM - 21 Apr 2014

Many of you tweeted about Jamaica Inn tonight. Nobody said "no, she went of her own accord." HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!
11:16 PM - 21 Apr 2014

No, sure, when your kid tries to run into my ankle with her scooter don't tell her off, just glare at me.
8:56 AM - 22 Apr 2014

Theatrical Spot: Olly Alexander 'avin' a fag on The Cut.
9:26 AM - 22 Apr 2014

Finchley Road
2:42 PM - 22 Apr 2014

Sleb Spot: Damien Molony at the Almeida.
7:21 PM - 22 Apr 2014

Kate Middleton as Lady Macbeth. AMAZING. #intervaltweets
9:02 PM - 22 Apr 2014

Theatrical Spot: Luke Norris on the bus. The flat cap's back but, given the hair dye situation, understandably so.
11:14 PM - 22 Apr 2014

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