Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Twitaceous Era 46: "I take it to be music."

This week on my Twitter feed I am outraged at Hollywood stars being divas.

@webcowgirl Theatre peeps seem to be terribly touchy at the moment about being told they're anything less than perfect.
10:49 AM - 21 Jan 2015

Nice to see Indhu Rubasingham in Rufus' first season.
11:32 AM - 21 Jan 2015

I knew the Old Vic couldn't stay dark that long - Kev Stands In A Circle And Talks A Bit is coming back.
12:46 PM - 21 Jan 2015

Coveney's already dismissed Norris' run at the National, because of course he has.(Obvs he's done it by talking about a 1952 football match)
10:11 AM - 22 Jan 2015

Women in office having lengthy discussion about how ripe they like their bananas *Miranda face to camera*
11:17 AM - 22 Jan 2015

You know those "X days without an accident" signs at building sites? 7 days without receiving a threatening phone call! #winning
5:55 PM - 22 Jan 2015

"From your tongue I take it to be music." *Nokia ringtone goes off* #intervaltweets
8:59 PM - 22 Jan 2015

If anyone sees a lung lying around it'll be the one I just coughed up.
8:24 AM - 23 Jan 2015

Wait, The Elephant Man is cancelling performances on Broadway so Bradley Cooper CAN GO TO THE OSCARS? #priorities
10:43 AM - 23 Jan 2015
It's fine, I'm sure the people who planned trips to New York will just be pleased he won't miss out on his goodie bag.
10:44 AM - 23 Jan 2015

@Weez @RhianBWatts still, not that I'm surprised, but putting an award show for doing your job above actually doing your job #perfeshunal
11:04 AM - 23 Jan 2015

I hope Lady Bracknell doesn't get her cock out again #tweetsforanicheaudience
12:22 PM - 23 Jan 2015
Seriously though, it's great Suchet's playing Lady Bracknell, because there's notoriously too many jobs around for older actresses.
12:25 PM - 23 Jan 2015

I bet this hotel's THRILLED they let a theatre invite scruffy scum like me into their shiny lobby.
7:10 PM - 23 Jan 2015
Everyone else here's in black tie. Including some of the women. I think there's a lesbian convention.
7:11 PM - 23 Jan 2015

Oh wait, there's a woman who's not in black tie. But to be fair I'm pretty sure she's a prostitute.
7:12 PM - 23 Jan 2015

I'm not saying I wrote a lot of work emails today, but I nearly ended that review "Regards, Nick."
11:23 PM - 23 Jan 2015

Ah well, I guess after April cats are safe from getting spayed in Dagenham :( (I loved it but TBQH it lasted longer than I expected.)
8:02 AM - 24 Jan 2015

Nice of the train driver to leave the lights off so I can catch forty winks every time it goes through a tunnel!
9:14 AM - 24 Jan 2015

I see The Heff's arrived backstage nice and early to prepare #oppenheffer
12:24 PM - 24 Jan 2015

Whenever I see a fountain I have NO COMPULSION WHATSOEVER to chuck my money in it. Am I missing some universal human instinct?
12:54 PM - 24 Jan 2015

Sleb Spot: Nicholas Hoult on the Bakerloo Line. One day you're getting off with Katniss, the next you're getting off at Piccadilly Circus.
8:01 PM - 24 Jan 2015

Must admit, I'm surprised Twitter hasn't been more devastated at The Heff having to dye the ginger away #OppenHeffer
12:28 PM - 25 Jan 2015

This week sitting opposite a vomiting "watch out for Ebola" poster at work is such a joy.
9:19 AM - 27 Jan 2015

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