Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Twitaceous Era 45: #friendsofNick

This week on my Twitter feed, a fan's turned on, and some shit hits it.

By all means, kiss your teeth at me when I say you've come to the wrong department, that will magically make it the right one.
10:58 AM - 15 Jan 2015

Imagine being barred from a theatre because they didn't like your reviews though.
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2:36 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@Weez Well they've just screamed down the phone at me WE KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! WE KNOW WHAT YOUR FRIENDS LOOK LIKE!
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2:40 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@mzendle @OughtToBeClowns @emsler @Weez @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts They didn't say, not that I could get a word in to ask. Said "some....
3:17 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@mzendle @OughtToBeClowns @emsler @Weez @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts ...actors said they'd refuse to perform if I was in the building."
3:18 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@mzendle @OughtToBeClowns @emsler @Weez @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts I could possibly make a guess at at least one actor. Still, it answers
3:18 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@mzendle @OughtToBeClowns @emsler @Weez @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts ...the question everyone asked on way out - "who is he sleeping with?"
3:19 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@mzendle @OughtToBeClowns @emsler @Weez @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts PROFESSIONALISM INNIT!
3:20 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@OughtToBeClowns @Weez @mzendle @emsler @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts #friendsofNick: Like friends of Dorothy, but not quite as butch.
3:25 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@emsler @Weez @OughtToBeClowns @mzendle @stewartwpringle @RhianBWatts Oh, I forgot one: YOU OBVIOUSLY HATE THEATRE!
3:44 PM - 15 Jan 2015
Good job I'm seeing the Frantic Assembly Othello tonight, think it's one of the few shows that could live up to today's "excitement" levels.
4:04 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@Weez god knows the West End's been crying out for another Hay Fever since the production up the road closed last week or whenever it was.
5:52 PM - 15 Jan 2015
Dat ass in those trackies though #straightthroughnointervaltweets
9:38 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@OughtToBeClowns although not *quite* up to when it was Charles Aitken.
9:42 PM - 15 Jan 2015
@Barcles sadly my favourite new line from last time - "Fook! It's me dad!" - didn't make it.
10:23 PM - 15 Jan 2015

The rumour about The Addams Family transfer has resurfaced again, so now I know what'll be stuck on my internal jukebox all day.
9:25 AM - 16 Jan 2015

Every time I see a trailer for Wolf Hall I think "but... those are all the wrong people! Where's Ben Miles?"
9:37 PM - 18 Jan 2015
@Weez Miles, you could easily distract Rylance by telling him Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare.
9:49 PM - 18 Jan 2015

Replacement Coronation Street actress swears she's really 14
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12:04 PM - 19 Jan 2015
Sinéad Matthews is in The Wasp at Hampstead Downstairs. I still have a spare £5 ticket for the 2nd of Feb if anyone's tempted.
11:30 AM - 20 Jan 2015
Also MyAnna Buring, but I'm not sure who that is. Or how she differs from anyone else's Anna Buring.
11:31 AM - 20 Jan 2015
@johnnyfoxlondon Leonato's Anna Buring, your Anna Buring, every man's Anna Buring.
11:36 AM - 20 Jan 2015
@OughtToBeClowns she's Spartacus's Anna Buring.
11:45 AM - 20 Jan 2015

All the coffee machines have simultaneously broken down. Suddenly the chances of me staying awake the rest of the afternoon are looking bad.
2:30 PM - 20 Jan 2015
Just failed to hide my contempt of someone taking a photo of his glass of orange juice before drinking it.
7:05 PM - 20 Jan 2015
I assume he has a Patty & Selma-style slideshow evening planned for all his lucky friends.
7:11 PM - 20 Jan 2015

Remember, theatricals: Those audiences leaving in droves aren't "not getting it," they're bored shitless #straightthroughnointervaltweets
9:16 PM - 20 Jan 2015

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