Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Twitaceous Era 43: Queenie And Duckface Sass Each Other

This week on my Twitter feed, I watch TV and talk about it, because it's the tail end of the Christmas holidays, what else is there to do? Also, any negative thoughts in the direction of James Corden seem to go down quite well.

"Oh come on, 2014 wasn't as bad as everyone's sayi... What? James Corden OBE? Damn you 2014!"
10:44 AM - 31 Dec 2014

I hope we get another series of Queenie And Duckface Sass Each Other #mappandlucia
9:59 PM - 31 Dec 2014

I've had this cold for a week, this morning I woke up around 5am unable to breathe. Happy New Year! 🎆
12:00 PM - 1 Jan 2015

My #Buffy rewatch reaches S3. The school guidance counsellor smoking in his office is more implausible than any of the demons so far.
3:33 PM - 1 Jan 2015

"Right, let's watch this sweet Dench / Hoffman / Roald Dahl film OH GOD CORDEN ABORT ABORT!" #esiotrot
6:40 PM - 1 Jan 2015

Really?Benedick gets all the slapstick & Beatrice just gets to look out of a window? Is Michelle Terry injured or something? #intervaltweets
2:29 PM - 3 Jan 2015

Ad for Urinetown in tonight's Standard. Wonder how many punters that'll get in, given it closed two days ago.
6:16 PM - 5 Jan 2015

"Let's start the season with Victoria getting beaten up by Lisa Simpson" #reveeeeenge
2:11 PM - 6 Jan 2015
@stevenperkins before the credits even rolled.
2:14 PM - 6 Jan 2015

Nolan's hair stylist taking tips from There's Something About Mary there #reveeeeenge
2:19 PM - 6 Jan 2015

And Jack is suddenly a cop now because ?????????? #reveeeeenge
2:21 PM - 6 Jan 2015

Victoria escaping from the asylum like a Batman villain <3 <3 <3 #reveeeeenge
2:40 PM - 6 Jan 2015

So... is Emily just randomly taking #reveeeeenge on behalf of strangers now?
2:47 PM - 6 Jan 2015

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