Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Twitaceous Era 38: Shake It Off

This week on my Twitter feed: Treacle.

Is Family Guy and American Dad constantly hiring real English actors to do terrible English accents some kind of in-joke I'm missing?
5:35 PM - 26 Nov 2014

Off to look at topless men smeared with treacle because Culture.
7:20 PM - 26 Nov 2014

Some people avoid the front row if it needs a splash guard. These people are theatreing wrong #straightthroughnointervaltweets
9:22 PM - 26 Nov 2014

Aw right treacle? Theatre review: Stink Foot … (@YardTheatre)
10:47 AM - 27 Nov 2014

Stratford. A bit on the minimalist side.
12:29 PM - 27 Nov 2014

No, YOU'RE watching a cheesy Channel 5 documentary on the Plantagenets just because the historian's hot.
1:16 PM - 28 Nov 2014

My EXCLUSIVE reaction to the Star Wars trailer: "Oh yeah, there's a new Star Wars film, isn't there?"
4:06 PM - 28 Nov 2014

Sleb Spot: Andrew Scott carrying all the Top Man bags in the world down Jermyn Street, then stopping dead in his tracks to check his phone.
6:52 PM - 28 Nov 2014

Named after a famous Westerosi naval battle.
4:46 PM - 30 Nov 2014

What pop songs of the year do I need to familiarise myself with, Twitter? If the pantos do anything other than "Shake It Off" I'll be lost.
10:53 AM - 1 Dec 2014

Of course, if the pantos do anything other than "Shake It Off," they're doing it wrong.
10:55 AM - 1 Dec 2014

Times I *just* stopped myself screaming "IT'S NOT MOVEMBER ANYMORE!" in a stranger's face on the tube today: 3 (three)
7:07 PM - 1 Dec 2014

I won't lie, seeing a nun with her mobile shoved into her wimple to make it hands-free is the highlight of my day.
6:08 PM - 2 Dec 2014

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