Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Twitaceous Era 37: A friendly handshake and a dry hump

This week on my Twitter feed I have Opinions about next year's Globe summer season, because of course I do.

I love how A Number attracts so many real father/son actors despite the relationship being so twisted. Yet more proof actors are weirdos.
5:57 PM - 19 Nov 2014

So far: Leg injury and fairytales #intervaltweets
8:54 PM - 19 Nov 2014

The cat's got a furball stuck in his throat. Mum & stepdad are now calling him "poor little sick soldier" because my family is certifiable.
3:57 PM - 20 Nov 2014

@emsler can't wait for the Jonathan Strange TV adaptation, if only to see how they deal with how little actually happens.
5:42 PM - 20 Nov 2014

Between @AlmeidaTheatre, @TheRSC and @The_Globe, it looks like 2015 is Merchant of Venice Year.
10:44 AM - 21 Nov 2014
@Weez "The words expressly are 'a metric ton of flesh'"
12:29 PM - 21 Nov 2014

I do wish @The_Globe would say who's adapting the Oresteia though; I hope they're not trying to sneak Harrison in under the radar again.
10:49 AM - 21 Nov 2014

Also I totally called it that Nell Gwynn deserved a professional production … …
10:54 AM - 21 Nov 2014

And finally, does another Swale play help make the case for her taking over from Dromgoole next year? *smiles encouragingly*
10:57 AM - 21 Nov 2014

Theatrical Spot: Luke Thompson stroking a girl's hair in the Royal Court bar (@Weez)
6:42 PM - 21 Nov 2014
@Weez who knows? Actors, innit, the line between a friendly handshake and a dry hump is very hard to judge.
9:02 PM - 21 Nov 2014

Show stopped 15 minutes before the end :( I guess Badger didn't do so well after all.
9:00 PM - 21 Nov 2014

The Filler Games: MockingFiller #filmreviews
4:30 PM - 22 Nov 2014

Theatrical Spot: Jack Holden & Jamie Wilkes at the Orange Tree. Will the rest of the winter Swansemble be joining them?
7:06 PM - 22 Nov 2014

Dreamt I was being bitten by snakes. So that bodes well for Monday.
9:09 AM - 24 Nov 2014

Paloma Faith's on Buzzcocks again tonight. Trufax: She also appeared on the first-ever episode, on Cardinal Wolsey's team.
6:50 PM - 24 Nov 2014
@emsler it was shit when Henry VIII was hosting, 'cause the intro had to be Greensleeves every time.
7:12 PM - 24 Nov 2014

I want to do a smutty pun about Matthew Seadon-Young but it would inevitably end up being a bit "watersports" #intervaltweets
9:04 PM - 24 Nov 2014

Sleb (sort of) Spot: Noel Hear'say at Urinetown. I was going to say "former Sleb" but... Was that EVER an accurate description? :(
10:17 PM - 24 Nov 2014
@emsler even when they were in the hit parade nobody noticed him, they were just looking at that Maureen Klass' bosoms.
10:03 AM - 25 Nov 2014

Was I projecting my own joy onto Victoria saying "THE NIGHTWATCHMEN ARE GOING HOME!"or did she sound thrilled? #onlyconnect #fuckoffpilotboy
11:39 AM - 25 Nov 2014

Yay, I knew The Angry Brigade would come to London and I could safely avoid Watford!
2:00 PM - 25 Nov 2014

Also, Trystan Gravelle's in The Changeling.
2:00 PM - 25 Nov 2014

Finally found the Waterloo one.
5:12 PM - 25 Nov 2014

My cough's reached the stage where I sound like the cat when he's got a hairball.
7:57 PM - 25 Nov 2014

Well, at least those two women behind me are finding it all hilarious, I guess. #intervaltweets
9:07 PM - 25 Nov 2014

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