Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Twitaceous Era 35: #toast

This week there's just too many cooks on my Twitter feed.

BARROWMAN's on the telly. I see he's gone full Scottish again.
2:00 PM - 6 Nov 2014

"It takes two to tango." "Don't try to confuse me with choreography." #Dagenham
10:32 PM - 6 Nov 2014

There's going to be a "live Hunger Games experience" in a purpose-built arena.Which sounds alarmingly like it'll be the ACTUAL Hunger Games.
5:25 PM - 7 Nov 2014

Combined World War I / Crystal Maze memorial.
12:20 PM - 8 Nov 2014

Well that made about as much sense as it ever does #doctorwho
9:04 PM - 8 Nov 2014

When I said I needed to get rid of the Made in Dagenham earworm, I didn't mean replace it with Too Many Cooks.
12:16 PM - 9 Nov 2014

Sleb Spot: Aljaz off Strictly, having a coffee on Union Street. (I don't watch it but am SOMEHOW familiar with what he & Pasha look like.)
1:49 PM - 9 Nov 2014

The Cherry Orchard poster quote calls it "outspoken," which is ironic given @OughtToBeClowns couldn't hear a word of it.
2:05 PM - 9 Nov 2014

This may be the worst use of this space I've ever seen. I've felt more connection to the action from the Apollo balcony #intervaltweets
3:56 PM - 9 Nov 2014

Did we know Donkey Heart was getting a run at Trafalgar 2?
4:37 PM - 10 Nov 2014

Theatrical Spot: Kirsty Bushell at the Royal Court.
7:35 PM - 10 Nov 2014

First, preach to the converted; then berate the converted for turning up to be preached to #straightthroughnointervaltweets
9:05 PM - 10 Nov 2014

Having a bit of a toasty afternoon, eating cheese on toast, watching Toast of London #toast
2:20 PM - 11 Nov 2014

Blimey, that's a first - there's only two regular Faction members in this year's rep cast.
6:33 PM - 11 Nov 2014

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