Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Twitaceous Era 36: Sad smiles and head-shaking

This week on my Twitter feed I end up in Birmingham, which you'd think would be a tricky thing to do if you didn't intend to.

Radiant Vermin. Ridley's totally using an automated title generator now, isn't he?
10:57 AM - 12 Nov 2014

Today's news in summary: Apparently someone's landed a probe on Kim Kardashian's arse.
6:08 PM - 12 Nov 2014

Sleb Spotted Luke Thompson & Nick Hendrix in quick succession and now I'm no use to anyone. At Hampstead, looks like Wildefire press night.
7:00 PM - 12 Nov 2014

Dammit, by my own rules I can't count Samuel Anderson as a spot because I'm here for his show.Would have left me only 1 History Boy short :(
7:09 PM - 12 Nov 2014

@RhianBWatts that's... not exactly a physically repellent cast #priorities #oppenheffer
12:11 AM - 13 Nov 2014

Revisiting some possible entries in this year's Top Ten today: Been reading The Pass playtext, now off to Charles III.
5:33 PM - 13 Nov 2014

The people giving out free Ferrero Rocher in Leicester Square ran out pretty quickly. Who knew there were so many hungry ambassadors around?
7:00 PM - 13 Nov 2014

Piggott-Smith's off :( Miles Richardson understudying.
7:14 PM - 13 Nov 2014

I had an #Apprentice dream where LdAlan just called them all cunts for an hour. Which is pretty much what an episode is nowadays.
8:56 AM - 15 Nov 2014

The Bairnsfather exhibition at the RSC's excellent, makes me look forward to The Christmas Truce next month.
12:22 PM - 15 Nov 2014

Sleb Spot: Suchet (clothed) at the RSC.
3:20 PM - 15 Nov 2014

@RobbieHand @Weez because today wasn't weird enough, there are people at the station in blackface. I won't ask about their anal beads.
5:24 PM - 15 Nov 2014

I'm in Birmingham. Which would be fine, if I'd had any intention of being in Birmingham.
6:44 PM - 15 Nov 2014

Sleb Spot: Samuel Anderson at Hampstead Theatre. IN A PONCHO. Last week he was in a bright tartan suit. I don't think he can dress himself.
7:10 PM - 17 Nov 2014

Dogfight is nominated for best musical but In The Heights isn't, because presumably the judges saw neither of them #eveningstandardawards
9:59 PM - 17 Nov 2014

@Elsiebrewster I can only assume someone went "what was that musical at Southwark called?" "Dogfight?" "...Whatever, nominate that."
10:10 PM - 17 Nov 2014

I don't have the time to go see Pomona but clearly I'm going to have to make the time #peerpressure
4:27 PM - 18 Nov 2014

The future Mrs Beetlebum Cardclash looks a bit like Rebecca Hall. I wonder if she also enjoys sad smiles and head-shaking.
7:33 PM - 18 Nov 2014

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