Thursday, 25 September 2014

Twitaceous era 28: We'll stand on a staircase like in Fame Academy

A bit late because I wasn't online much yesterday, here's what I gibbered about this week on my Twitter feed:

"Barbican audiences will be able to see 3 Beckett productions in one day." OR MAYBE THEY COULD JUST TAKE A CHEESE GRATER TO THEIR OWN FACES.
3:09 PM - 17 Sep 2014

I'd have taken a photo of the baby facepalming in his sleep on the bus cause it was adorable, but I'd have been, you know. Arrested.
10:28 PM - 17 Sep 2014

I would argue the audience got EXACTLY what they bargained for, and would normally have been cheated out of
4:41 PM - 18 Sep 2014

The woman bellowing into her phone on the train just used "theatrical" as a synonym for "naff." She's dead now.
9:13 AM - 19 Sep 2014

What Scotland don't know is, next week we vote on if we still want them. Not a referendum, we'll stand on a staircase like in Fame Academy.
11:13 AM - 19 Sep 2014

If @ghost_ridley doesn't make my Top 10 shows of 2014, it'll be the first-ever year without a Philip Ridley play in it. So no pressure.
7:26 PM - 19 Sep 2014

Leg injury: Check. Parents losing a child: Check. No chocolate yet, but a couple of plain biscuits #intervaltweets
8:34 PM - 19 Sep 2014

@Weez some insects have been mentioned (fireflies) but nobody's eaten any (yet.)
8:38 PM - 19 Sep 2014

Plenty of American Psycho cast on telly this weekend; first Jonathan Bailey in Doctor Who, now Ben Aldridge in Our Girl.
10:00 PM - 21 Sep 2014

*Iwan Rheon gets his tits out in episode 1* *Nick sets episode 2 to record* #OurGirl
10:03 PM - 21 Sep 2014

To be fair that WAS quite an epic It's Raining Men #intervaltweets
8:41 PM - 22 Sep 2014

Glad I don't often need to buy @E_N_O tickets if today's shitshower is anything to go by. 3 hours on, still not letting me create an account
1:00 PM - 23 Sep 2014

Sweeney Todd tickets took 6 hours & multiple problems: Worse than Cumberbatch, still better than Streetcar.
4:11 PM - 23 Sep 2014

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