Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Twitaceous Era 8: Certain hypothetical scenarios

This week on my Twitter feed, I find someone new to fixate on, which is always fun.

According to the countdown screen, the bus I'm waiting for is going backwards. Which wouldn't particularly surprise me.
8:56 AM - 30 Apr 2014

Ooh, the RSC's Other Place shows are doing a couple of perfs at the Royal Court *skips the EV Crowe one*
5:41 PM - 30 Apr 2014

Hottest. Benedick. Ever. #intervaltweets
8:55 PM - 30 Apr 2014

Bomb scare at Canada Square; they're obviously worried for realsies, they won't let anyone stand near the windows.
10:16 AM - 1 May 2014

Exactly what disability is this disabled cubicle catering for?
2:32 PM - 1 May 2014

Teenagers: Whooping at the curtain call doesn't make up for the utter fucking disrespect you showed the actors while they did their job.
8:52 PM - 1 May 2014

I may be overtaking @OughtToBeClowns in accidental Tom Wells stalking. Not even in a theatre this time, though near one - in Nero on The Cut
2:21 PM - 3 May 2014

I'm getting as fixated with Gethin Anthony's tattoo as I am with Hepple's #intervaltweets
4:31 PM - 3 May 2014

Theatrical Spot: Graham Butler walking past the Globe, appropriately enough.
6:38 PM - 3 May 2014

He was holding hands with a girl, which frankly RUINS certain hypothetical scenarios I've heretofore enjoyed btw.
6:39 PM - 3 May 2014

#SexyBenedick is here. Must try not to stare. Must DEFINITELY try not to touch.
6:50 PM - 3 May 2014

Yet another train missed thanks to Lucy Bailey's inability to keep a show under 3 hours :(
10:59 PM - 3 May 2014

Lovely Hywel from Only Connect just got knocked out of some daytime quiz. About making connections. *sadface*
2:14 PM - 5 May 2014

Sleb Spot: Martha Plimpton 'avin' a fag outside the Old Vic.
7:01 PM - 5 May 2014

I know LAMDA's last effort didn't impress us much BUT: New Jessica Swale play!
3:24 PM - 6 May 2014

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