Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dick Twittington 44: A potted history of Caucasian rap

This week on my Twitter feed is another fairly quiet one. I'd say "quality over quantity" but I think the most cursory of glances will confirm that it's not quality.

"He's NEVER played gay before!" Except in Annually Retentive. And Ashes To Ashes.
4:04 PM - 8 Jan 14

"Vietnamese Street Food: 3 baguettes for £1!" Ah, those famous Vietnamese baguettes.
9:20 AM - 9 Jan 14

Did we know this? Looks like it's not just me and @trpw who've noticed The Faction: Virtual SRB!
12:47 PM - 9 Jan 14

If that's the Spanish Golden Age I'd hate to see what the Spanish Bronze Age is like.
9:53 PM - 9 Jan 14

Leicester Square
12:44 PM - 10 Jan 14

@_gabriellasf my sister once enjoyed a churro so much she sang "I am a woman in love" to it.
11:28 PM - 10 Jan 14

Why would you correct "only" to "inly," phone? What's that even supposed to be?
1:15 PM - 11 Jan 14

This is a better-looking cast than the website photos suggested #intervaltweets #shallow
3:00 PM - 11 Jan 14

The RSC still have Christmas wreaths up. You'd think they of all people would know when Twelfth Night is.
3:03 PM - 11 Jan 14

Someone in this cast must be coated head to toe in Deep Heat, judging by the smell every time the chorus wafts on #intervaltweets
8:53 PM - 12 Jan 14

The bar in Hampstead Theatre is playing"Informer" by Snow #songsineverthoughtidhearagain
7:15 PM - 14 Jan 14

Funny how Canadian hip-hop never really took off #eh
7:16 PM - 14 Jan 14

Now it's Vanilla Ice. It's a potted history of Caucasian rap! I suspect there may be irony involved.
7:21 PM - 14 Jan 14

Theatrical Spot: Michelle Terry watching John Light's play at Hampstead. TITANIA STILL KEEPING AN EYE ON OBERON'S SHENANIGANS!
8:53 PM - 14 Jan 14

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