Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dick Twittington 43: Bullocks

This week on my Twitter feed was the first of 2014. It was the first week of 2014 elsewhere as well, but that's not important right now.

Happy New Year, the Twitter. Let's hope 2014 blesses the world with the greatest gift of all: Less Barlow on the telly.
12:02 AM - 1 Jan 14

2014's first Theatrical Spot: Noma Dumezweni dodging my friend Phill & calling him "darlin'" by the Noël Coward stage door.
2:14 PM - 1 Jan 14

Well, thanks to the Odeon Leicester Square selling the same seats twice, I guess we're not seeing Sandra Bullock In Space today!
4:17 PM - 1 Jan 14

I'm going to just have to keep assuming it's basically Piiiiigs! Iiiiiin! Spaaaaaaaaaaace! But with bullocks.
4:20 PM - 1 Jan 14

God, Train Geek Man is basically half the people I know #Sherlock
9:47 PM - 1 Jan 14

So... trolled thrice and still no real explanation. Standard. #Sherlock
10:31 PM - 1 Jan 14

Best way to start 2014 with my Show Of The Year 2013: One last (*sniff*) trip to #Jump4Goal
9:18 PM - 2 Jan 14

I knew my boss' facade of sanity would slip eventually. One word: HOMEOPATHY.
10:21 AM - 3 Jan 14

"I had to stop drinking coffee 'cause it stopped the homeopathic treatment from working." Yes, that's why the MAGIC WATER didn't work.
10:22 AM - 3 Jan 14

Do I want to see All's Well That Ends Well in Gujarati? #questionsIdontevenhavetoaskmyself
2:43 PM - 3 Jan 14

Anyone else in Stratford UA today? I always seem to bump into someone there lately.
9:30 AM - 4 Jan 14

@OughtToBeClowns Wendy this week, Wolf next.
9:52 AM - 4 Jan 14

There's a 2014 Union J calendar? Seems optimistic. Are the last 6 months blank with "paste photo of replacement boyband here"?
12:11 PM - 4 Jan 14

Young boy points at elaborate costume in RSC display: "Oh I NEED that!" Parents, start preparing now for *that* conversation.
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12:52 PM - 4 Jan 14

They've filled the theatre with fairies, because that would never happen naturally #intervaltweets
2:31 PM - 4 Jan 14

It's alarming how many of the adult actors playing children I've seen in VERY adult parts #intervaltweets
2:36 PM - 4 Jan 14

@Weez The fact that my review didn't mention Colin Ryan's nipple tassels or Brodie Ross' big swinging dick feels uncharacteristic, frankly.
4:45 PM - 5 Jan 14

I feel like Attitude should maybe have retired Philip Olivier as a cover star once he started resembling a pork scratching.
5:52 PM - 5 Jan 14

I suppose you've got to admire them for sticking so resolutely to the Middle Episode Rule #sherlock
10:05 PM - 5 Jan 14

Still, now we know how to make Alfie Enoch's head be a different size to his neck: Stick a bearskin on it (@Weez)
10:08 PM - 5 Jan 14

Oh, that was supposed to be them having fun? #intervaltweets
8:40 PM - 6 Jan 14

Jemima Rooper in the Lansbury Blithe Spirit!
12:36 PM - 7 Jan 14

Declan's absence was so noticeable, wasn't it? #reveeeeeeenge
8:54 PM - 7 Jan 14

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