Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dick Twittington 42: #ShitsingHair

For the last week of 2013 on my Twitter feed, Christmas happens. This may not be an entirely surprising turn of events.

Happy Christmukah, The Twitter.
9:47 AM - 25 Dec 13

Man with, beard, Christmas jumper & baby strapped to chest in Dulwich Park. I can feel Twitter's ovaries exploding from here.
12:27 PM - 25 Dec 13

Starting my review/awards of the year post, I've already awarded Best Nipples.I just can't fathom why the Oliviers committee didn't want me.
2:08 PM - 25 Dec 13

Nodded off. Dreamt Lord Lucan resurfaced on Come Dine With Me.
7:21 PM - 25 Dec 13

#DoctorWho: Uniting a nation in festive bafflement.
8:33 PM - 25 Dec 13

While researching my review of the year I've found ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of a #heppletattoo …
10:18 PM - 25 Dec 13

@Weez it seems to be a squiggle with "FE" in it. Or a cauliflower, that makes about as much sense as anything else.
12:31 AM - 26 Dec 13

And now to find out if Steve Carell still feels strongly about lamps.
3:22 PM - 26 Dec 13

I love Kavana's endless attempts to make a comeback, when he was never here in the first place #bigreunion
11:23 AM - 27 Dec 13

"anna carteret says cunt" #bloghitsoftheweek
12:57 PM - 30 Dec 13

My theatre review of the year coming up soon, so as usual here's some clues to my top ten shows, in no particular order:
11:07 AM - 31 Dec 13

A guitar from Woolworths. An amazing book, a torn book. An historic photo, an intimate photo. #topten2013
11:09 AM - 31 Dec 13

A cake. A thermal vest. A business card. A postal order. A blunderbuss. #topten2013
11:10 AM - 31 Dec 13

@Weez mwahaha, it's like the Only Connect wall, many red herrings but only one correct solution.
11:24 AM - 31 Dec 13

I didn't need conditioner but when THE CAMPEST ITEM IN THE SHOP is on special offer, who can say no? #ShitsingHair
3:37 PM - 31 Dec 13

Watching Legacy from a couple of weeks ago. Charlie Cox has been sent to "turn" Andrew Scott in Hampstead Heath. Sounds legit.
6:25 PM - 31 Dec 13

Sexy Scottish Peter Pan is playing a gay with low standards. This is basically what I wanted for Christmas #twodoorsdown
9:14 PM - 31 Dec 13

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