Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dick Twittington 50: Justifiable homicide

This week on my Twitter feed, I get cryptic.

There's a busker outside Waitrose. But he's a busker playing jazz on a baby grand piano because, like I say: Waitrose.
2:37 PM - 19 Feb 2014

I think the *other* jug-eared Big Favourite Round These Parts might ride on our bus, too #cryptic #cassio
6:44 PM - 19 Feb 2014

If Brookstein ever gets cancer, remind me to describe it as "lazy flu."
9:01 AM - 20 Feb 2014

I'd be tempted to see Once again to perve over Arthur Darvill if it wasn't SO FUCKING BORING.
3:01 PM - 21 Feb 2014

"Apparently the Downstairs theatre is down the stairs. Hang on, I'll just ask how we get to the Upstairs one." #overheard
7:05 PM - 21 Feb 2014

There's a SHOUTY woman on #reveeeeenge making it unwatchable. Like, more so.
1:57 PM - 22 Feb 2014

Feeling very familiar with Gethin Anthony's thighs right now. But reckon I could cope with being more so #hotelplays
4:30 PM - 23 Feb 2014

@3rdspearcarrier @OughtToBeClowns having seen publicity photos I fought to sit directly opposite the armchair. I regret nothing.
4:55 PM - 23 Feb 2014

The Play That Goes Wrong winning best new comedy - I am SHOCKED at a Whatsonstage Award actually having an accurate result!
10:32 AM - 24 Feb 2014

I'm also pleased it stopped Cunting In Essex from winning.
10:33 AM - 24 Feb 2014

I guess Goya's Arsehole is doing a monologue then? Steffan Rhodri's the only cast member listed.
2:55 PM - 24 Feb 2014

Woman in queue raving about Stephen Ward and its classy set and projections. Some people definitely live in a different reality to me.
7:22 PM - 25 Feb 2014

She also heartily recommends Strangers on a Train. It would definitely be justifiable homicide, wouldn't it?
7:23 PM - 25 Feb 2014

If you're surprised that she's now singing Ayckbourn's praises, you haven't been paying attention.
7:25 PM - 25 Feb 2014

You get plenty of begorrah for your bejaysus, to be sure to be sure #intervaltweets
8:46 PM - 25 Feb 2014

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